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To complete your registration, please fill in the information below. We encourage you to donate a door prize. This creates a lot of excitement among the dealers. An area is provided below to describe your door prize and its value. In addition, you are able to add the names of all that will be on-site supporting your booth. Click on the "Add Attendee" link to provide the details for each attendee. We look forward to seeing you at the event.


Please take a moment to describe your company in 75 words or approximately 415 characters. Highlight the features/benefits that your product/service offers to the FCA US LLC Dealer Network. This information will be used in the Program Guide as is, so please make sure it is succinct and hard hitting. Your company can edit your bio up to 45 days prior to the conference; otherwise we will print as entered.

These door prizes are strongly encouraged and help promote your product engagement. Examples include free subscriptions, gift cards, and electronic devices, etc. Winning participants will be directed to your booth to collect their prize.

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Please add all of the attendee names that will be working in your Vendor Exposition Booth.
The first attendee listed will receive the confirmation email.
Additionally, the "first attendee" is responsible for all additions and deletions for registration. Cut-off date approximately three weeks prior to conference.

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